Sink the Bismark - Sine Metu LP

by Sink the Bismark

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released August 1, 2011



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I Hate Punk Rock Records St Louis, Missouri

Record label and distro out of St. Louis, MO specializing in punk, hardcore, metal and a few other random sounds.

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Track Name: Dear Baltimore
I started out down at the bottom buried deep beneath our feet

and the only car on the boulevard weighs heavy over me

i still don't understand how this goes hand in hand

and i'm still not a better man

were left alone to wonder these streets

but do you feel useless like me

when you cant find the words to say

because its like this down here everyday

so lets redeye to carolina and up the coastline to dc

and we'll frequent the monuments and forget what they all mean

then ill have you match whatever i lay down

in our black market bank account

dear baltimore ive been trying harder everyday

to sever all my ties and drink all my demons away

these past few years seem to familiar dont you say

so postmark it to the monuments and push it off on me

just like you did every week
Track Name: Cast Not Out (The Anchor)
i was searching through old memories today

and i found a picture just you and me

we were still young were growing up but for me not so much

all those nights we played till dawn

fall asleep at your house with the tv on

now youve got your feet on solid ground

when everything in my life's upside down

where have you gone have you been there all along

i know you've been there all along

you pick us up when you drop the anchor you are the anchor

take care you know ill see you there when everyone is gone

you pick us up when you drop the anchor you are the anchor

so we'll send our thoughts and condolences

to the fine young gentlemen we've been

and now we know the road we both must go

its like sunday radio

with the windows down were off the map

a last cigarette on the last lap

so protect the family you've made because its sunday morning everyday

ive been watching close, close every day

and i know for sure that we'll be ok

so pour down the line a toast to the night

and that tomorrow will be alright
Track Name: Ruin Me
we wake up every morning on beds of nails

each sense every morning causes others to fail

your sly but i'm not blind

i'm not myself every morning i work best at night

i'm gonna turn progress made into steady decline

take what you want from me

like the friends you lose your a tragic casualty

so take comfort in knowing it was never meant to be

we spent all afternoon on the buses uptown

never knew where we'd been driving circles around

and i haven't been there since

i had all afternoon to think how i grew old

about hearing the truth that you never told

and beneath our bones will break from countless choices made

i cant believe just how much you can take

this is the first song of the rest of my life

but this story's getting older by the minute

when were dead set on giving up you know were bound to rise above

the sun sets on the road that we travel at night

we ride like crusaders the chasers of light

and our city rides with us

we walk through the bars set on burning them down

in south city apartments and rooms underground were better off alone

because the places you've been i don't even want to know

so thanks for your time but ill be just fine on my own
Track Name: Liars Last Call
i woke up this morning to glaze of last night on my face

shake once awake to see you next to me

i'm getting going she said but don't let me forget

we let ourselves sink down too far in this one

but waiting is a roll on the dice and there's one thing you cant deny

how it can feel to sing a song for a wasted time

and that song will help to carry them all night

a hazy stare through the glow of the bar lights

i'd rather raise one up until morning comes

to wake what's left of my head from last night

manipulated attempts to cover up where you've been

that whiskey scent keeps me numb to this fact

we both know how this will be so the next rounds on me

but realize that nothing in this world is free

because waiting is a roll on the dice and there's one thing you cant deny

how it can feel to sing a song for a wasted time
Track Name: A Midwestern Classic
theres a full moon hanging over west victoria tonight

and its nights like these that make it perfect for a drive

so up the stairs from your apartment come on davey we gotta go

as we shuffle through the freshly fallen snow

so just follow me my friends i know its cold enough to bite

but you aint lived till youve seen the parking lots in forest park at midnight

and you know ive got your back and i know that youve got mine

so theres something we have discovered the greatest part of growing up

take everything thats real just as it comes

because everytime we turn around were right back where we started from

remembering the times when we were young

we'll make our way up to chicago for the thirteen hour drive

and for miles its the only way we can survive

so we sit around and talk about this band we all are in

from the old abandoned pier on michigan

so just follow me my friends i know its cold enough to bite

but you aint lived till you've seen the sparkle of the lake here on the south side

and you know i got your back and i know that you've got mine
Track Name: Oh Is That What We're Doing Right Now
please tell me what im supposed to do

please tell me where to go from here

i did my time of education got lost between the lines

four years of redundancy pressed between these walls around me

so give the man some room so he can gasp before he meets his doom

and hes sold
drowning in a sea of debt victors to victims with regret

ill waste my time and lose every dime

we've come to far and we cant just turn back yet

escape the fate take every fucking chance that we can take

because life is what you make its death until we finally catch our break

but we want more
its about where we are and where we want to be

and where we want to go and who we want to be

we've come to far and we cant just give up yet

and if we fail we'll be back to work again

no foul no harm left to ride the sea of tails

we'll never die we'll never die

we'll never die or get pushed aside

theres so much more we have to do

just keep em high and receive our prize and finally pull through

we'll never die we'll never die

facedown but we still have this fight

were here to do whats right

well bide our time and lose every dime

until you see just how great we can be
Track Name: Bottles Out to Sea
well now its looking like goodbye my friend

but know this times no time for framing the ending

our music will let itself out from separate heads

the noise of our lives brought back here from the dead

and when we meet again our hearts will be the same

and our hiatus will be waking history

for now just know that a thousand golden memories remain

and the past will become our waking sanctity

think of those times driving 364 at night

playing reclamation numbers one two five and nine

outside the show freezing our asses off just waiting in the line

young stupid punks outside just wasting time

nothing can stop us now distance between us wont tear us down

the best of emotion is what we've shared

and you cant destroy emotion no you cant destroy emotion

this distance dont mean anything no this distance dont mean nothing

just let itself sink into catch the empty sight

gallons are poured beneath our feet now just in spite

strapping young gentlemen sit anxious at the bar

trade nervous smiles for a pint of pbr

man i dont know where this is going but it aint getting us far

we three alone set into stone by who we are

so can i ask you what you think about relief

start seniding messages in bottles out to sea

i hope one day you hear this song and know its yours for you to keep

and when this ends the tides roll in to purge and bury me

even though theres oceans between us just know that theyll never take us

even though theres oceans between us just know itll never bring you down
Track Name: Look For That Union Label
tear me apart tonight if youre leaving dont turn on the light

this parking lots getting old but i dont wanna go home

worked my fingers right down to the bone

can we maybe find somewhere to go somewhere we wont get lost in the fold

so pack up your bags boys were moving it on down the road

down the road
so deliver me im not far away i know

but my minds out there on the road

all i need from you is everything you have

because were here to take it back

lets take it back
they say some people would die to get paid

we trade two weeks vacation for twenty minutes on the stage

the smokes getting old but i dont want to go home

so lets grind our jaws down to the bone

let our feet be swift and controlled and shuffle us out of the fold

so strike up the band boys were moving it on down the road

down the road
Track Name: Closet Monsters
our time is running out

our time is running out

and every day is one day closer to us falling down

our time is running out

our time is running out

and everybody will still be here with us year s from now

how many times have you opened your eyes

alerted your senses to something inside

and its got you so wrapped up you cant sleep at night

now it takes a man to take one on the chin

but we've been through our share of sorrow and sin

and we'll fall right back into their traps again

so lets howl like wild creatures in the night

and from the darkest places all i'm thinking

because i've spent my time pitching quarters and dimes

and i'm watching out for these old friends of mine

we'll cold toast to the diamonds in the sky

all at once we were passing thought once crowded streets

we're spitting at passers and dragging our feet

and things seem less familiar now to me
Track Name: I Pass Like Night
we live our lives in constant motion

and its been far too long since i've been home

and its another unfamiliar place another landscape to interrogate

but its wrong

and it just want to get away my friend but too many doors wont let me in

now it gone
ill go north into the mountains

ill go south into the sea

tell all my friends in california when they wake up tomorrow they wont see me

ill go east into the swamp land and take a walk among the trees

and everybody understands now just why i pass like night and it kills me

we sit all alone in empty houses

and its been a hundred thousand miles still i'm not home

and its another unfamiliar place another space that we must navigate

but its wrong

and it just want to get away my friend and these bones wont let me walk again

but not for long
we end up just like we said we wouldn't

because no one ever really changed who they are

its who you are